Executive Coaching and Leadership Development

Levitt Consulting, Inc. has deep expertise and experience in providing executive coaching for senior leaders and high-potential leaders. We have helped many executives to maximize their value to the business and to fulfill their potential. In addition to executive coaching, we help companies think through and plan for the larger context of leadership development in areas such as:

  • identifying and assessing high-potentials
  • developing an internal culture of coaching and mentoring
  • planning for succession.

Strategic Planning

Many companies create strategic plans which are never actually implemented.

Levitt Consulting, Inc. has developed a Rapid Strategic Planning model which we have used successfully with individual companies and taught to a large number of organizations through public seminars at the university level. We focus on developing a shared roadmap for growth and even more importantly methods to build the strategies into leadership decisions and the daily work routine so that they are executed consistently.

Family Business Consulting

Family businesses have special challenges in balancing the concerns of the family and the business. These concerns often arise in critical areas such as:

  • transition of leadership
  • ownership
  • compensation
  • decision making.
Levitt Consulting, Inc. has helped many family businesses to create and effectively use structures, policies, and procedures which minimize family conflict, build trust and support collaboration. We encourage the participation and engagement of family members and shareholders while recognizing the need for a balance between transparency and confidentiality.